World Overview

The world is an isolated place of reserved and rigid class structure. Politics, religion, and government are deeply intertwined. Magic is strictly controlled and reserved for those of elevated social/political/religious standing. The poor and working often go through their entire life without witnessing magic or the socially powerful outside of special festivals put on by the powerful. This is especially true within the city of Concordia. The hierarchy is rigid with little rebellion as a result of the deeply ingrained religion within society.

Political & Religious Hierarchy

  • 5 Dagons: Demi-gods in Deirul. Names/location/all info restricted to the chancellors and select others.
  • Chancellors: Interpretors and liaisons of the Dagons. Inherit authority by divine birthright.
  • Bishops: Geographic jurisdiction over cities and townships. Selected through process & birthright. Immediately oversee academies/temples.
  • Dukes: Direct rulers of municipalities and cities. No jurisdiction over academies.
  • Arch/Magistrates: On the ground control. Report to dukes.
  • Soldiers: judicial enforcers

Economy & Society
Bartering, favors, and gold are the norm.

World Overview

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